Alchemy for Unrest

What makes people say enough is enough?

The government failing on all fronts to represent its people? Yougovs study last year showed some shocking statistics. 24% of people think that the government is debating issues of public concern in a sensible and considered way. 16% of people think that the government is reflecting the full range of people and views of the British electorate  15% of people think the government is representing the interests and wishes of people like them. 12% of people think the government has an understanding of the daily lives of people like them.

Watching the ultra rich get away with tax breaks? As the rest of Europe gets a little tougher on corporations and the wealthy, Mr Cameron has advertised Britain as a safe haven for millionaires undermining efforts of other countries to reign in the super rich. George Osborne scrapped the 50p tax last week which Labor claims will give a £100 000 tax break to more than 10 000 millionaires.

Living through the coldest Easter since records began? Fuel poverty is on the rise and energy companies are making a record £125 profit per person.

Feeling the pinch of cuts ? April 1st saw in a new era as a multitude of welfare reforms and cuts came into effect. Council tax benefit will be cut by 10%, legal aid has been scrapped making it much harder to take your employer to court if your household earns more than £32 000 a year and of course the infamous bedroom tax which will see more than half a million people in social housing loose on average £725 a year.

The death of a former prime minister who symbolized the attack of the rich on the working class and poor? The Death of Thatcher is a reminder that the fight for a better world is not one that has been thrust upon us today, but just another chapter in the fight for a fairer world.

So what makes people say enough is enough. Damned if I know for sure, but speaking to those who have dedicated much of their lives to creating a better world for all, it seems to be an alchemy of sorts. I find it amusing that given Baroness Thatcher’s flawless use of propaganda that she has passed away at a time that is so convenient for opponents of her ideas. Saturday 13th April will see some interesting ingredients added to this chemical cauldron of discontent.

First off a pinch of controversy and confrontation. In anticipation of the mainstream media and point scoring politicians cashing in on the death of Margret Thatcher “The Witch is Dead parties” have been called across Britain. Last sunday saw scores of spontaneous celebrations pop up all over the country so given a bit more time to prepare it should be quite  festive. The police will naturally overreact and while 10 million is being spent to allow people to mourn Thatcher’s death, tens of thousands will be spent to prevent those who wish to celebrate it. S

Second a dash of creative protest spearheaded by UK Uncut as they hold “who wants to evict a millionaire” where they promise to “take the power of our creative civil disobedience straight to the people who are directly pushing and benefiting from these cuts.” UK Uncut have a history of getting things done, they are currently suing Goldman Sachs, their last major protest targeting Starbucks for tax avoidance saw Starbucks pledge to pay 10 million in tax at the beginning of the this financial year and in the lead up to the jubilee celebrations they showed up outside Nick Clegg’s house to remind the public who the authors of austerity are.

Chemical Cauldron of Discontent

So the cauldron is bubbling and what it will produce is any ones guess. In the Wizard of Oz the wicked casts a magic spell and conjures up a field of poppies which put Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion to sleep. Lets hope Saturday will wake up many more people up to the possibilities of a better world. As “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” climbs the charts we would do well to remember that unlike the Fantasy Epic the spells that Baroness Thatcher cast will not disappear now she has passed. The most deadly of which was the illusion of no society, instilling in many the idea that the markets were better at fulfilling the individuals needs than government or community were. Once the fireworks of Saturday are over let’s remember that to destroy her legacy we will need to do more than mock, evict and party. We will need to destroy the atomization that has resulted from her policies and build up a grassroots community driven solutions to privatization, austerity and class war.

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